You got it from your father, it was all he had to give. So it's yours to use and cherish, for as long as you may live. If you lose the watch he gave you, it can always be replaced.
But a black mark on your name son, can never be erased. It was clean the day you took it, and a worthy name to bear. When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there. So make sure you guard it wisely, after all is said and done. You'll be glad the name is spotless, when you give it to your son.

The righteous legacy of Talmage Dennis Barney will live on because of his life that loved, forgave, and left his fellowman better than he ever found them. He loved his Savior, Jesus Christ, and tried to emmulate Him in thought, action and deed. To know this great man was a treasured gift.

T. Dennis Barney

T. Dennis Barney
A Cowboy and His Hat.

No Empty Beds

No Empty Beds
Once when I was thanking Uncle Dennis for all his generosity he said "You know why I've done all of this, don't you?" In reference to the Barney Homestead at Ranch 13, "So there are no empty beds! I want everyone to have a place." Grandma Clarene Barney always said "No Empty Chairs!" and Dennis worked hard to have "No Empty Beds!"

The Funeral Program

The Funeral Program
What a wonderful tribute to such an amazing man. This is the program for the sweet services that took place today for T. Dennis Barney. Please click the picture to go to the program.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dennis and his Sisters

From Left to Right SueAnn, Kathy, Dennis, Jeannie, Jaynie

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  1. Paul and Heather SandstromJanuary 10, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    Dear Barney Family,
    Dennis was such an amazing man and pillar of strength to everyone. We have been blessed to have worked with and shared many wonderful memories and experiences with Dennis and his sweet wife Ann at many family, community, political, interfaith, pro-family and church events over the years. His great influence was felt far and wide and he always took the tine to care about the individual and loved everyone. Dennis was truly one of the sweetest, most gentle, Christ-like men we have ever known. He was so faithful, honest, caring and generous to so many individuals, worthwhile organizations, schools, churches, community, his family and pro-family organizations, plus countless more! His kindness and great leadership will be sorely missed.
    I visit taught his dear Mother for years when I was a very young mother. She was such a gracious, faithful and kind woman. I learned so much from her example and love and she passed away while I was still her visiting teacher. I remember Dennis and all his sweet sisters, who I love dearly! They were such kind and faithful children and so devoted to their dear Mother, as she was a widow for many years. It has been a privilege to know and love all of them!
    My husband, Paul, worked with Dennis very closely the past few years as bishop in the Tempe University Stake. Dennis was the Stake President, or spiritual leader, for many wards (congregations) and thousands of single adults in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church). Paul said he will always have tender feelings and wonderful memories of the times they would meet together in their monthly interviews. He loved to hear Dennis pray. Paul said," It was as if Heavenly Father was in the room with us. He spoke as if he was very familiar with him and that he knew that Heavenly Father was listening. He was so kind and thoughtful of others. Even in his extremely busy schedule, he was able to stop and make a phone call or personally visit with those who were hurting or needed praise or encouragement."
    When Paul's mother passed away exactly a year ago, Dennis called Paul and said even though his angel mother had passed away many years ago, there was not a day that went by that he did not think of her. But, he said, "The memories get sweeter every day." When Dennis heard of my recent brain surgery, he was quick to call Paul and say he was praying for me and our family. Ann even came over and visited me at our home and brought us a gift and sweet card! Paul said this, "We will always cherish the memories and be grateful that we could all call Dennis Barney our friend, our confidant, our hero and our leader. The Lord took back one of the great ones. We are better people for having had the blessing and opportunity to learn from Dennis." He and Ann have raised 10 outstanding, God-fearing, devoted children who will truly carry on his legacy! As one of his sisters told me, "We all thought we were Dennis' favorite!" That is a great blessing and nurtured talent to love as he loved! As we go through the coming years, we are certain that the memories of T. Dennis Barney will become "even sweeter."
    Paul and Heather Sandstrom