You got it from your father, it was all he had to give. So it's yours to use and cherish, for as long as you may live. If you lose the watch he gave you, it can always be replaced.
But a black mark on your name son, can never be erased. It was clean the day you took it, and a worthy name to bear. When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there. So make sure you guard it wisely, after all is said and done. You'll be glad the name is spotless, when you give it to your son.

The righteous legacy of Talmage Dennis Barney will live on because of his life that loved, forgave, and left his fellowman better than he ever found them. He loved his Savior, Jesus Christ, and tried to emmulate Him in thought, action and deed. To know this great man was a treasured gift.

T. Dennis Barney

T. Dennis Barney
A Cowboy and His Hat.

No Empty Beds

No Empty Beds
Once when I was thanking Uncle Dennis for all his generosity he said "You know why I've done all of this, don't you?" In reference to the Barney Homestead at Ranch 13, "So there are no empty beds! I want everyone to have a place." Grandma Clarene Barney always said "No Empty Chairs!" and Dennis worked hard to have "No Empty Beds!"

The Funeral Program

The Funeral Program
What a wonderful tribute to such an amazing man. This is the program for the sweet services that took place today for T. Dennis Barney. Please click the picture to go to the program.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Dear Family and Friends...

We love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for your prayers, love and support for our family during this time. We are grateful for our knowledge of our Savior and the opportunity we will have to be together again. We would love to know, and read, of your memories that you have had with our Dad, Uncle, Brother, Friend & Leader. Please feel free to post your comments or stories below, that we may read them and be uplifted by them. May joy and peace fill your hearts with the love that we have for you and that Dennis surely had for you too. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with posting on blogs, just click on the word COMMENTS below)


  1. What a treasured gift to have a brother
    like I had. He was bigger then life and
    a man of honor and great strength. Oh how
    I will miss him but he lives on through his
    beautiful children and his loving wife.

    Sue Ann

  2. Darin, Megan, Savannah & Saige BarneyJanuary 9, 2009 at 5:51 AM

    As we have lost our dad, father-in-law, and Grandpa we are so grateful for the greatest blessing that we have. A testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of Eternal Families. We will never forget the memories we have of that great man. Words can't describe the hurt that we feel or the gratitude that we have for having him be such a huge part in our life.

  3. Sister Karen FerrinJanuary 9, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    President Dennis Barney was truly a disciple of Christ. About 15 yrs. ago, when we just barely moved into the Lindsay Ward, I was able to get to know Dennis. He and Ann drove me to the hospital to see my son who was air-evaced to a Scottsdale Hospital. They told me they knew the way to every hospital in the valley. I felt of his love and support that day, and every day since. He was made our Bishop shortly afterwards, and though I've had so many great Bishop's in my lifetime, there was just something special about Bishop Barney. Dennis had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person around. He would go out of his way to shake your hand and inquire about you and your family. He genuinely cared. Once, after he shook my hand, I noticed he had written a phone number on his hand, and I teased him about putting graffiti on his temple. He just chuckled and said he never thought about it like that, he just had a hard time remembering numbers. I will so miss his warm handshake and sweet smile. He always took time for people. I think perhaps what I will remember most about President Barney is the time he spent with us at Girl's Camp this past year. It was ward camp, and the Barney's generously invited us to have camp at the Barney 13 Ranchhouse. Not only did they share their beautiful ranchhouse with us, but they shared their time with us. I don't think a cuter couple exists anywhere! Dennis made sure everything was perfect for us, from making sure each girl (and leader) had the right horse to ride on, to making sure we had the perfect place for our "Faith Walk". He wanted to make the most of everything - - I believe that is how he lived his life. How priviledged I am to be able to say that I knew Dennis Barney, I felt his love, his concern, and have been a recipient of his generosity. I pray that the heaven's will open and that the Barney family will feel the comfort of angels among them. My own heart is heavy knowing that he has left this life, I can't even imagine the grief his family must feel - - not for him, as we all know that he has it made, but grief in knowing that we have truly lost a giant of a man. He will be greatly missed. We love the Barney's.

    Sister Karen Ferrin

  4. A special memory that I have of Uncle Dennis is when our little Porter was encourage to interct with horses to help him in his physical and speech therapies. Uncle Dennis had us come over and helped Porter to feed 'treats' and 'talk' to the horses! We knew how busy he was and how many other things he had to do but he took the time to help our boy and show his love and service to US! I will never forget what that meant to us - Porter still remembers that. Uncle Dennis made us feel like we were loved as much as anyone else to him...we all felt like a 'favorite'. What an amazing, loving and spiritual man we have lost. We are blessed to know that he will always be with us in our hearts. We love and miss him dearly.
    love, the Varneys'

  5. He is a cherised memorie in our eyes and will NEVER be forgotten. He has touched so many lives and his legacy will be known in so many places, homes and hearts. We love Uncle Dennis. And we are privileged to say "Uncle Dennis". Words cannot even begin to tell the immense loss we feel in our hearts. He is a hero to many of us, and someday... we will be honored to meet again. We love all of you and hope that your hearts may be comforted in this time of need. Love, Sterling and Paige Stahle

  6. To My Dear Friends in the Barney Family,
    My memories of Dennis are many and special. Here is a sampling.
    As we were building our home on 39th Way in Mesa during the hot summer of 1963, a man drove up in a pick-up one day and took from his car an ice-cold watermelon. As he shared it with us he introduced himself as Bishop Talmage Barney. That was Dennis’ dad. I was priest age and Dennis was also in our quorum but a year older than I was. I didn’t get to know Dennis that well (he was Mesa High and I was in the first class at the new Westwood High) until we spent some time together working for his dad who was developing a section of land in the dusty, desert of Hyder (half way between Mesa and Yuma, just off of I-8).
    As we were sitting on heavy equipment all day long, Bishop Barney would always say. “Now you boys be sure and eat your All Bran for breakfast!” He kept the cereal up in a cabinet in the old dusty mobile home where we stayed during the week. One day Dennis came and sat with us around the small table, reached up in the cabinet and took down a box of All Bran, poured a bowl full, put milk and sugar on it and quickly began eating. Suddenly he stopped. He was looking at his bowl. We all then looked at his bowl. The whole bowl seemed to be moving! It was filled with weevils and one could hardly tell from the All Bran!
    Years later, I became involved with the National Center for Constitutional Studies, teaching the Founders formula for freedom in our nation. Not until then did I come to know the Barney family’s passion for true principles of liberty and freedom. Dennis and his sisters have shown an intense love of country and its original founding principles in their blood. Dennis was very supportive of our efforts to teach about the founding of our country and its Constitutional form of government. Through the years he would periodically ask me how we were doing and when financial help was needed, all I had to do was ask.
    Probably the memory which will remain most vivid in my mind happened on December 31st, just five days before his death. I was in a meeting with his son, Jason, and two others. During the meeting Jason’s cell phone rang. He answered and heard his dad on the other end. Jason told him he was meeting with me and his dad immediately went into reciting D & C 121:34-46. Back in the 1964 when we were in the Priests Quorum together one of the requirements for our Duty to God was to memorize that scripture. While we were working in Hyder we memorized it together and have remembered it ever since. I don’t know why I was particularly touched to her him recite that special passage of scripture over the phone, but it thrilled me to hear him do so. To me Dennis personified that scripture. He recited the whole thing nearly word perfect, as though he had rehearsed it many times in the years since. A few lines really stand out to me now when I think of Dennis Barney—
    “Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen.” As far as I knew, Dennis came to know the Savior and tried to consecrate his life to His service in such a way that he would qualify to be a chosen son of God.
    “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;” Dennis was always a defender of the truth, but in such a friendly, gentle, and persuasive way. His love for humanity was genuine, never pretentious.
    “…and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved…” Dennis showed love for those who did not agree with him in such a way that they were immediately attracted to him. It is a quality I have wished many times to have more of myself.
    And who can forget that incredible job he did on the radio handling difficult questions from Pat McMahon.
    Thank you for this opportunity to reflect on such a true friend. My life has been everlastingly enriched by my friendship with Dennis Barney.
    With warm appreciation,
    Earl Taylor Jr.

  7. When I learned of President Barney's death, the first thought that came to my mind was "The world will never be the same." And I hold to that thought. Dennis, along with Ann, always had a way to make you feel like you were the most important person to them. I remember stopping by their ranch on our way back from Snowflake on General Conference weekend in April. It was Mike, Ronda, Chris and I with our new baby Bretton. We just wanted to see the ranch and take the chance that they were there so we could say "hi." We pulled up and heard music playing so we figured someone still had to be there. We knocked on the door, but no one came. As we sat there taking in the beautiful scenery and deciding what to do, Dennis and Ann came driving up in their golf cart. How cute they were! Out for a Sunday drive. We had no intentions of staying long, but they invited us in and proceeded to give us the complete tour and fed us dinner. We stayed for a good 3 hours or so. We enjoyed it so much we did not want to leave... and Dennis tried his darndest to make us stay the night. This is the love and compassion and hospitality that I associate with Dennis, and Ann. He was like a father and best friend to all. He will sorely be missed but I also have felt that he has great things to do on the other side... things he could not accomplish here. I look forward to the day when we can all know what higher calling he has.

    We love you so much, Barneys! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Chris, Cami and Bretton Epperson

  8. Dear Friends and admirers of T. Dennis Barney,
    I am writing this letter as a loyal brother-law who has known Dennis since he was 11 years old. During the last 45 years we've ranched and farmed together, developed land together, discussed religion, politics, economics, classic cars, fast horses, and hot rods together. ( I never knew more then he did on any of these subjects.) Several times I tried to convince him to put catsup on a good T-bone steak.
    His sister Sue Ann ( My Wife) and I have eaten out hundred of times with him and Ann and we've been together at hundeds of family reunions.
    Being so closely associated with Dennis for these past 54 years qualifies me to list what I know to be his great qualities.
    1. Dennis loves his Savior Jesus Christ with
    a love that is unmatched.
    2. He loves his family with a love that is
    3. He loves his friends, no matter what race
    religion, or degree of righteousness they
    4. For being a man of some means, power, and
    influence, he loved simple things and
    places. (Such as family, ranch, horses
    and cattle)
    5. In a business transaction, his word is
    his bond and everyone gets their fair
    share of the pie.
    6. My claim to fame is that I knew Dennis
    well and that I was priviledged to be
    one of his brothers-in-law.
    7. Lastly as a tribute to Dennis I have
    committed to improve my life so when I
    see him again, I can say, "Dennis,
    thank you for your great positive
    influence on me."

  9. My deepest condolences to the Barney family. Dennis had a way of making everyone feel loved and special. He will be greatly missed.

  10. I have only the finest of memories of your family. Though they date back to your days in Mesa, many are still fresh in my mind. We come and we go and how beautiful life remains.

    Love the Dargers

  11. Bishop Barney was always one of the most influential men I have met in my life. He was always a close second father to me growing up. I will never forget going to the Barney home as a little kid and every time receive the warmest and biggest bear hug. It was always my favorite part of going to their home. I knew I was always accepted and loved there. I am so grateful for our Saviors plan and am anxious for the time I can again run up and give Bishop Barney that same big bear hug.

  12. My condolences to the Barney family with the loss of a great man that will be surely missed here on this earth. My family and I had the great privilege to know T. Dennis Barney as a member of the Lindsay Ward. Both Dennis & Ann are such wonderful, giving and selfless individuals. They live by example and it was my and my families pleasure to be an acquaintance of their friendship and be part of the best ward in the Gilbert area! Dennis was a pillar of our community, pillar of our ward and was loved by all. I'm so grateful to have witness the pure love of God within in Dennis, his sacrifice, his outreach to the youth, a stranger and too all who encountered him. May Ann, his children and extended family be comforted at this difficult time and know that our prayers and thoughts are with you. May we rejoice in his stellar memories and strive to live by his example. Thank you for touching our lives so many years ago... Candace, Cory, Kip & Karly Robinson

  13. From Catherine (McAllister) Shapiro...
    In high school I had many a true friends and examples... of all different ages and walks of life ... Sarah Lamoreaux was one of them. She was my YCL at camp and talked "like butta'" (NY accent) with me all the time. She was so inclusive and unifying. She was full of laughter, life, and love and a true hero and friend to me. I adored being with her.

    In my latter years of High school, after she had already graduated, I heard that she had gotten in a car accident and died suddenly. It was heartbreaking for me and for everyone who knew her. She was such a brilliant spirit! Such a bright light in the world! I remember her funeral being one of the most enlightening and spirit-filled meetings I had been to in my life. It increased my testimony. It added to my joy and to my resolve. Her father Edwyn is a gem of a man. He was a leader in our Stake and a great example to many families in Gilbert. Sarah's dad, and her Uncle Dennis, who was my bishop at the time, spoke at her funeral, and gave us all great comfort and inspiration. I kept in touch with her family and the first Christmas after she died I went to visit them to see how they were doing.

    Bro. Lamoreaux told me that Sarah had given them a beautiful gift that year. He took me into the other room and lifted up an audio tape. He said one day he was looking around for a certain tape and popped this blank one in to see if it had anything on it. It had a song that Sarah was singing on it that he had never heard her sing before. The song was a favorite of mine by Collin Raye that she had altered the words to slightly, to say this: "For all I'd been blessed with in this life, there was an emptiness in me. I was imprisoned by the power of love, with one honest touch you set me free. Let the world stop turning. Let the sun stop burning. Let them tell me love's not worth going through. If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only thing that mattered had come true... IN THIS LIFE I WAS LOVED BY YOU."

    It was a beautiful gift and one that stuck with me. More the lesson that was learned from the whole experience of knowing her and reflecting on her great life... that truly SHE LIVED and TRULY she LOVED. In this life I had been loved by her. Everyone else felt that love too.

    Well, now, years later, I reflect on these same thoughts as I found out this week on Monday morning, that Sarah's uncle, and my beloved Bishop, dear Bishop T. Dennis Barney, from my growing up years in Gilbert, passed away at his home in AZ at the young age of only 62. I was so sad to hear of this loss.

    (If this post seems long and wordy, I'm working through all of my thoughts and want to give an adequate tribute...)

    I can't share with you in words, if you don't already know, what Bishop Barney is like and what it is to know him. The following words don't do it justice. You just have to FEEL of his presence, love, humility, sincerety, unity-building strength, commitment, tenderness, and down-to-earth, fun-loving quiet, peaceful friendship and example to KNOW.

    His loss is greatly felt in the community around East Valley, AZ and I'm sure globally. I am heartbroken to know of this husband, father, leader, neighbor, and friend being called home still so early in life. As I was driving home from Christmas break Tuesday morning I was reflecting on all that he did for me personally growing up in Gilbert, as my Bishop, as the leader of our ward, and as my friend. He is so full of love. He is so full of light. He was not only a neighbor and friend and my Bishop, but I always felt a great sense of father in him. Maybe it was because I felt a rare and great presence from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in him. He truly was a window to their love and bore their attributes so fully and so well.

    I learned so much from his lessons, and from his life's actions, in my youth. It made a deep imprint in my heart and a greater drive in my life. I often look at the special and personally written note he wrote in the now well-used, but ever precious pocket hymn book he gave to me that he gave to each of us graduating seniors in 1997. With all that he had going on in life, he always took the time; He always made me feel like I was special and important to him. I know everyone felt the same way. He was an exceptional man.

    I will always remember him as a man who truly lived his life as a disciple of Christ -- always willing and happy to share his time and resources to bless others.

    He had a unique and Christ-like devotion to all of the youth of the church. I'm not at all surprised that his final days were spent serving as a Stake President for the Young Single Adults at ASU.

    But what a loss! I ponder the reason for him leaving us at 62? Why?! Why did such a giant of a man have to go so soon? Why could we not partake of his special light and goodness a little longer? What a void for all of us here! What a great man on earth! I haven't been able to shake it. I have cried and cried about it today. It has been hard news to hear.

    As I spoke to my mother on the phone and as we reminisced on our time in that neighborhood, and ward with him and his family, and as we reflected on such a man... she said she had had similar questions. Many great people we know have left us early in life lately. Many brilliant spirits! The thought she shared with me that sent chills up my spine was this: In these winding up scenes before the second coming of the Savior Jesus Christ, there is much work to be done. He must have been needed to help get ready on the other side. Whatever the reason, he is a valiant and great one in the fullest meaning of those descriptions.

    What a great gift we've been given in the life he lived while on this earth! He did all that he was meant to do here! What a tribute to him. He lived more fully in his 62 years than do multitudes in 92 years. Just as Sarah lived so fully in those 19 years she had on earth, far beyond her years. A special place is surely prepared for Bishop Barney and his family in the eternities. I can't help but think about the work he is already being put to do as he did so valiantly, so humbly, and so lovingly here on earth. He is truly a listening, doing, and chosen servant of God, not unlike Samuel, Moses, Nephi, Moroni, and others who tirelessly answered "Here am I" in building up the kingdom of God.

    His beautiful wife and extraordinary ten children and all of their families are in my prayers. I will pray that the Lord's tenderest mercies will comfort and bless them, that our Heavenly Father and their dad's great love, reassurance, and spirit will carry them through this loss. He left a legacy of faith and strength in all of his family. They are my friends. I treasure their examples and love and the memory and lessons I have kept of them and of this giant of a man.

    I feel so very blessed that I got to be in his ward, to be under his stewardship, that I had a short time to be with him, to know and rub shoulders with him, to learn from him and be blessed by him. I can see his smile and hear his voice telling us that he loves us and believes in us and is yet with us. For all I've been blessed with in this life, I was loved by you. Thank you Bishop Barney. Thank you!!!

  14. Dear Barney Family,

    Our hearts are full of love for your family at this time of great loss. What a shock to hear the news of Dennis' passing away. I was immovable. I cried out and couldn't even do anything for quite some time after the news. Our time with the Barney family goes back when we were in high school in the 80's. I, Kimberly, use to have the privelege of babysitting the Barney children - those younger than Jason and Denny since we were the same age, and being able to be a housekeeper to earn money. I loved cleaning their home and house sitting while they were away on family vacations. I learned a lot about motherhood in that home from Ann. Brad also spent many times in the home hanging out with Denny and their buddies. Through the years we have always felt like close friends to Dennis and Ann, even moreso than with their children we were friends with in high school, because Dennis and Ann just made us feel that way. There were always hugs and smiles and concern for our family. When Ann was going to Dennis' wardrobe after he had lost so much weight, she gave Brad a call and offered a couple of coats to Brad. When I think of those coats hanging in our closet now, I just want to curl up in one. I think those coats will mean so much more to Brad now. It was always a blessing to have them, but now...so much more. That's just too sad. I really have no words to express the love and admiration we have for Dennis and Ann. I know by knowing Dennis that he loved the Savior. He loved his family. He loved his fellow man. He served the Savior. He served his family. And he served his fellow man. What greater example is there....

    This is for Dennis, from our family, written by Brad:


    "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
    gives me a giant view,
    and opens up a world of things
    that I would like to do.
    A helping hand to others
    is a wonderful place to start.
    It helps me feel the great big love
    inside a Giants heart.
    A kind word and a smile
    may at first not seem like much,
    but they leave the huge impression
    of a Giants loving touch.
    And when the day is done
    and your time together is through,
    My greatest wish is that I can be
    A Giant Just Like You."

    All of our love, Brad and Kimberly Lester Family

  15. A few years ago when my sister Shelly was engaged to Brian Barney, the rest of my sisters and I were staying home alone while my parents were out of town. Naturally we got scared in our dark empty house and without thinking twice, headed over to the Barney home in the middle of the night.

    The three of us woke up to a very cheerful voice singing, "Good Mooooorning!!" Brother Barney didn't question us once as to why we were all snuggled up on his basement floor, but instead greeted us with big hugs and a warm smile.

    Brother Barney had to be one of the most kind and loving men, even being in his home brought an overwhelming sense of comfort and joy. We felt like we could go to him for anything, and he made everyone feel like loved family.

    We love you Barney fam,
    Stacie & Geoff Lang

  16. The last time I saw Dennis was at Bashas a few days before Christmas. He talked about how glad he was that the boys (My sons, Geoff and Franklin, Justin and other friends) had made it home safely from their snowboarding trip to Big Bear. Franklin had just mentioned to me a few days earlier how nice it was of Dennis to let them take his Tahoe to Bear.

    Thank you Barney family for being so kind and loving to my son Geoff, and most especially for the great example "D Barn" set for him. I know that he loved him dearly.

    Joni Lang

  17. What an incredible man and an amazing family! Everyone was a friend and felt loved the moment they entered the presence of Bishop Barney and his wonderful wife. I saw them at the Temple a few months ago and immediately was hugged and made to feel like a dear friend. I am thankful for his example of love and selfless service!

  18. I heard the term "builder of people" was used to describe Bishop Barney. I couldn't agree more. I am privileged to have known him from the time I was 8 years old and my family moved into his neighborhood. He always had a smile and kind words, whether he was stopping in his car on his way home to talk to us in the yard, or if I met him at a reception somewhere, or passed him in the hall at church. He didn't seem to think of himself very much, he always focused on others. I think it is sometimes hard for such incredible people to also be very warm, comfortable and approachable, but Bishop Barney definitely was.

    I can't count how many times I've read his message to me on the inside of the pocket hymnbook that he gave to each of his ward's Laurels and Priests upon graduation from high school. His complimentary words have honestly given me inspiration to want to be a good person and live up to the faith Bishop already had in me. There is something very powerful in having such a faithful man have faith in me, and faith that I would follow Christ. Thank you Bishop, for your leadership and example. I can't think of a better person. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Barneys.

    Amy Petersen Bennion

  19. Uncle Dennis has always been a driving force in my life. I can still him saying Boom Boom Laroom, Top of the Morning to Ya, Well Howdy, Mus Hogs.....
    I think of him now and smile, then cry a little, then smile again.
    Uncle Dennis coined my nickname Boom Boom when I was a tiny thing--'she runs faster than a sonic boom' he said, and he's never called me Sonja since. He and my mom always teased me about him being my first boyfriend. Apparently he tried to win my love as a little girl, but I would have nothing of it. Mom tells me he did everything to soften my little 2 year old heart, but I gave him no signs of backing down. Then one day, as we were all gathered, Uncle Dennis was standing in a group and talking--I'm told I grabbed his leg and announced firmly to the crowd that "this is my great big boyfriend". Well, he was. He always told Ben that he was the first (:
    Uncle Dennis was always teaching, ALWAYS teaching in one way or another. May I say that this has been especially true in his death. Even across the veil he's taught me.....I look at life differently now-I'm more resolved to love unconditionally, more resolved to be a better person, more resolved to always remember that the most important things in life are the Gospel, family, serving, and loving everyone in spite of ourselves. I can only hope to have a small amount of this great man's goodness and strength. The Lord granted us to have this man for 62 years, and I count my blessings every day that I knew such a man as Dennis Barney.

  20. Dear Ann and Family,

    Dennis has been part of my life since the 7th grade at East Mesa Jr High. We were in the band together in at this time. We are also related, through the Phelps line. All through Jr high and high school we were good friends.

    I went to work for Dennis and Edwin Lamoreaux in 1976 at The Carpet Company. I will never forget the good memories I had from those early years. Edwin was always playing jokes on Deniis and the rest of us. One time Dennis got a phone call from a lady that new him, occusing him of speeding through the neighborhood in his red Carpet Company pick- up. She said, "your phone number is on the tail gate in large letters". He did some checking and found out that Edwin had been driving "Little Red" through her neighborhood at that time.

    We went on many trips with the gang from The Carpet Company. Dennis and Ann always saw to it that we had a good time and stayed in the nicest hotels and ate at the best restaurants. Sandy and I even got to go on a trip to Hawaii with Talmage and Clarene. You couln't ask for a better person to work for. He was always fair with our earnings and our benefits. Those who worked for him seemed to stay for a long time. If there was an unhappy customer he did everything he could do to make them happy, even if it wasn't our fault. I saw him replace an entire house of carpet that cost him almost $10,000.00 and it was not our fault. But his name, integrity, and reputation was more important than the money.

    He was always extra kind to his sisters and his mother and would always greet them with a kiss. Many times I would be helping a customer and Dennis would walk by and the customer would say, "hello Dennis", then he would respond; "Howdy, good to see ya', and then talk to them for a while. After the customer would leave, he would say to me in a soft voice; "LeSueur - what was their name"? He was always so kind and considerate to everyone. And of course, he greeted everybody with a hand shake and sometimes a hug.

    My children learned to love and respict Dennis at an early age. They always looked forward to riding in the back of "Big Red" in the Gilbert Days parade. When my son Michael was about 8 years old, he and I were watching the TV show, The Dukes of Hazard, and he said to me, "Dad, is Dennis like Boss Hogg? Telling people to do this, do that, go here, go ther, etc. Another time we were watching a western movie and the cowboy got off his horse, took off his hat, bent over to a stream of water, filled his hat with water, and then drank from it. Mike said, "Dad, is Dennis Barney a cowboy? I said, "sort of", and then he said, "is tht the way Dennis Barney gets a drink of water? Michael passed away last year and Dennis and Ann came to our home the day he died to show their concern. I'm sure he and Dennis have met on the other side by now.

    Sandy and I feel very fortunate to have known Dennis and Ann and all the Barney family so well. Dennis has always been a strong impact on my life and I was fortunate to work for him in his shadow and see the good example he set toward others. It was certainly an honor to be part of the life of T Dennis Barney for so many years. What a great man!!!

    Don and Sandy LeSueur

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